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Loch Sloy
This I'll Defend


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Interesting read. I'm surprised that someone hasn't brought this up before. I remember a few months ago when the authorities in the USA were trying to get Apple to release the encryption of a "criminals" phone without success I believe.


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I reckon E2EE (end to end encryption) is the best thing to happen to security, I don't want my government or anyone elses seeing what I write or receive, despite of course my having nothing worth seeing.

It does occur to me that the bloke/company who wrote E2EE may know a back door.

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Maybe old buggers like us tapping away on the putters talking about the price of fish is far away from secret folk in every country talking about who they are going to blow up next!.

Encrypt these conversations at everybody's peril, the terrorists are now on the dark web thinking they are safe but maybe this is being monitored by the security agency's all the time with spy bots looking for trigger words they can home in on, as on the normal web and everything else, I suppose it's like security cameras through out the land with face recognition, would you complain if they found a few crooks especially someone who had been rifling through your wife's knicker drawer.

just another angle on the article.

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