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I thought I had put it on this forum sorry I didn't.
Photos and video to come later. 
Hans had to be at the hospital at 8.15 in the morning without anything to eat or drink 😟 as he is having a Miocardscintigraphie.
We were in the car park at the zoo which is walking distance from the hospital.

We heard the wolves singing late in the evening, they were only a few meters away. 

He was not allowed to drink any tea or coffee after the first session either, but beer was alright and that was the only other drink we had with us other than tonic water which is too sweet for him. So beer with breakfast [thumb] not his usual time for beer.

We were home at 3 pm. We won't be staying out another night until the weather is warmer, it was very cold for the time of year and extremely windy now and a very cold wind which didn't help keep the Navajo warm.

Result of test, he needs another (heart) stent and that can be done next week, 21st. May at the same hospital as todays test. This will be the third stent.
There may or may not be a problem because as yet that department is unaware of his thrombopenie and the prostate that still hasn't completely healed.

The overnight stay in the quiet car park wasn't quite as quiet, at 11.15 just as I started to drop off to sleep some idiots arrived in a car screeching around the car park playing boom boom din on the radio as loud as possible, thank goodness they left at midnight, but then sleep was difficult for me, Hans didn't hear much without his hearing aids, one advantage of being hard of hearing, but thats about the only advantage. [tango_face_sad]
We have stayed in that carpark each time over the past 7 or 8 years, never a problem before.

On the admission slip diagnosis 

[tango_face_surprise] Myocardperfusionsstörung [tango_face_surprise]

I answer to Gerty, Jan or Milly

We learn something new every day.

I drive a Navajo.


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Gotta love the long German compound words. He’s being rebuilt!
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