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I've mentioned this company before and I used to like them when they gave me a free sim with a monthly data and minutes allowance to compensate me for their database getting hacked and my phone number sold to would-be scammers.

However time passed and they became complacent about their old customers and started charging for the sim (£3 so still good value for the inclusive minutes and data)     

On Monday I had my regular email to notify me of the forthcoming direct debit payment; this was considerably higher than usual and as we hadn't used the phone excessively I checked the 'small print' in which was this little gem:

  Your TalkTalk TV package has always been great value and you’ll get new benefits this month. To keep bringing you these benefits TalkTalk TV is now £4 a month so you’ll see this charge in your bill from this month. For more information visit talktalk.co.uk/talktalktv.

I don't often get angry with employees as it's not their fault so simply said that as the contract price had gone up I wished to be released from my contract without the exit penalty (colossal!)

To cut a long and heated conversation short the £4 charge has gone so this is a heads up in case anyone else is locked into this company (my contract is until June 2020)

What made me lose my cool was the explanation offered: "We are charging the £4 so we can offer you a monthly credit of £5 to be used for purchasing TV packages from us" 


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I was with TT for many years, phone line and broadband. The broadband was always terribly slow 1.5 to 2.omeg as the best. If we both wanted to use our laptops it was painfully slow.

Complaints to them always resulted in a”conversation” with someone whose English was at best their third language and painfully difficult.

A chance conversation with a local Virgin engineer showed that fibre was available where I was - TT said it wasn’t. A couple of calls from Virgin and I was signed up and fibre added, it was a very quick installation with no mess. Their guarantee 50meg and I’m never below 54.

TT tried to threaten me to stay claiming I’d get a big penalty to leave. I went from mr. polite to teaching them some basic Anglo Saxon. I still got calls from them saying my broadband was going to be cut off for several weeks, long after I’d switched to Virgin. The last time I told them if they ever contacted me again I would take legal action against them for harassment.

I’d classify the company as borderline crooks. Thuggees as they’d be called in India.

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