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I was carrying out pre-flight checks the other day (my van is sorned over winter) and found to my annoyance that the water wouldn't pump up. The pump ran freely but wouldn't self-prime.

I did the usual plumbing checks and then eventually dissected the pump head but couldn't see any obvious issues so took the easy way out and ordered a new one off ebay.

The strange thing is that over the last couple of weeks the Autotrail FB group has been inundated (see what I did there[smile]) with similar issues. The only common factor is that all recent AT's are fitted with similar pumps and all the folks who posted up were using their vans for the first time this season.

I'm now wondering if the cold weather in March was a factor; I had drained down and removed the filter housing but it looks possible for some water to have remained in and around the diaphragm, perhaps ice formed and affected the elasticity? I've never had any issues before so the pump may well be about 10 years old; the other AT's with issues were between 5 and 10 years old; perhaps the Trail Kings have a best-before date!     


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Cold weather maybe Ernie.

I had a different problem. I always drain mine down but when repriming the system after the heavy frosts recently my immersible pump wouldn't hold its prime for long. Thought it was ice that had knackered the non return valve in the pump but turned out to be the plastic circlip on the pipe had failed with the cold and snapped, letting water drain back out through the pipe.

I got off lightly I think.



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I always pump through all the taps to drain down, odd there should be so many incidents with one pump, I wouldn't fit any other make or type, one of ours ran for 3 months with no water in the tank.
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