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Having just dropped the all inclusive calls package (landline) in our VM contract thought it was time to come off the PAYG arrangements I use for my mobi.

Done me well over a number of years but having to get out of the habit of picking up the landline and blethering on the dog and bone for ages decided that the flexibility of having similar on the mobi would be advantageous.  See, I do catch up with modern technology (eventually) and the rest of the world!

One of the main reasons behind the previous resistance was the monthly cost for the packages out there and losing all the "credit" at the end of the month.  So, with some trepidation, off we go to trawling the tinterweb.

Anyway, just signed up with SMARTY (their caps not mine!) on their Small Deal which gives -
  • unlimited minutes
  • unlimited texts
  • 2Gb data
  • all for £7.50 / month
  • 30 day notice
  • 6 months to activate sim
  • free porting of existing number with no deadline (so I'll be running out existing PAYG credit before porting over)
So, seems not too bad however there's more!
  • with a one off set-up change to the phone (you do it yourself with no cost) you get roaming within the EU included in your "unlimiteds"
  • if you don't use all your data your following monthly charge is reduced by £1.25 / Gb.  So, no data use and it'll cost you £5 / month for the calls & texts
  • extra data can be added at £1.25 / Gb and it lasts forever
  • tethering is included
  • SMARTY are a subsidiary of Hutchison Telecomms (Three) so should be reliable \ secure
  • I just caught the end of a special promotion through USwitch which was giving months two and three free (there are other offers out there)
The downsides (there's got to be some!)
  • payment is by credit \ debit card only (giving no credit checks) monthly in advance
  • support is by online chat \ e-mail (no telephone!) only

All in all seems to be a decent offer but proof of the pudding is in the eating (so, guess I'll need to activate the sim before Christmas Day!)

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Interesting Mr G, I'll await your usage reports after you've used it for a while, my own deal isn't much different £7.50 per month with talkmobile who piggyback Vodaphone.
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