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This like all forums has its foibles, one being if you close a page or move to another tab on your browser, it can and does lose all you've typed, which can induce a 


moment, ( a theme update would fix this) some will write a post in a word processor and then cut and paste, but if you are aware of the problem you can simply select all the post and copy it for later, now even this can be a issue if you have just copied something else, windows will only store one copy, the next overwrites it, so bang it's gone, I got truly peeved at tech one day and went on a rant with them, but it's part of this theme that Ross chose, and which we all like, anyway, they steered me to this site and I have been using it for a while and it has proved faultless in what it does, you still need to select and copy, but it stores multiple copies so you jsut select one, click the copy icon and then paste it wherever you like.

See shot of mine below for how it looks, there are about 100 clips in there already

clipdiary app.png 


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