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Our itinerary in the three Baltic Republics (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) plus a short route (roughly 1,000 miles) in Southern Finland (optional).
It took four full weeks including exactly one for Southern Finland.
Arrived in Helsinky by ferry from Tallin (EST) on Sunday at noon, we came back in Tallin on next Saturday at noon.
Three weeks are therefore enough for a journey in the Republics only.
However I encourage you to add Finland, the region of Lakes really worth a short stay at least.

We got into the Republics from Poland (Kalvarija border) and left from the same.
Our itinerary included Western Lithuania and Latvia, Eastern Estonia, Finland,  Western Estonia, Central Latvia, Eastern Lithuania.
Apparently a mess of crossing routes but quite efficient.

Cesky Tesin (Czech Republic to Poland border)
Katowice (Camping 215) GPS 50,2436, 19,0469 (very good campsite)
Kalvarija (Poland to Lithuania border)
Birstonas (Camping Vidisa) GPS 54,61137 24,00193 (very Basic)
Trakai - Castle
Vilnius (Camping City) GPS 54,68005 25,22622 (bus to the center at 800yds).
Ignalina - (Aukstaitija Park)
Moletai (Lebanoro Park)
Inturke (Lebanoro Park)
Zalvariai (Camping Apple Island) GPS 55,16065 25,30671 (very nice location on a small isle)
Rokiskis (Nice town, nearby a villa in Tudor style)
Birzai (Castle)
Salociai (Lithuania-Latvia border)
Pilsrundale - Duke Biron Palace (architect Rastrelli the one of Russia magnificent Imperial palaces)
Bauska (Camping Nameji) GPS 56,40883 24,1671 (Basic but clean)
Sigulda - Castle, Protestant church, Park)
Turaida - Castle, Park)
Cesis - Nice town
Valmiera - Almonst nothing there (Camping Baili) GPS 57,53406 25,46831
Valka (Latvia-Estonia border)
Viljandi - Nice town, Park and some museums
Valma (Lake Vortsjarv)
Tartu - Nice town
Kallaste (Camping Willipu on Lake Peipus) GPS 58,64493 27,16587 (Sauna, male and female common showers in its anteroom)
Narva - Castle. At 200yds the Russian border
Sillamäe - The town that didn't exist, neither had a postal code. Some soviet architecture, it worths a couple of hours.
Valaste - Waterfall. A delusion, it doesn't worth.
Ontika - Cliffs. Despite efforts we were not able ot find them.
Jõhvi (Got here by satnav mistake, I don't exclude my fault due to accents)
Rakvere - Nice town, Castle ruins and museum, Aurochs (prehistoric bull) giant statue
Altja - Fisherman village in the Lahemaa Park
Vergi - Fisherman village in the Lahemaa Park
Vosu - Nice and clean town (Camping Lepispea (formerly Camping Eesti) GPS 59,57565 25,93613
Tallinn - Ferry to Helsinki (FIN) - Companies Tallink, Vikingline or Eckeroline
Porvoo - Nice town, merchants' warehouses, Russian district
Juva (Camping Juva) GPS 61,89513, 27,82119  Free sauna in the early morning
Savonlinna - Nice town and Castle on an isle
Kerimäki - Impressive Wooden Cathedral
Punkaharju Lakes - Really nice landscapes everywhere. Look for morenic ridge between lakes, six or seven miles in paradise
Joensuu - Stop just for shopping in a very sovietic mall
Joensuu (Camping Linnunlati) GPS 62,59781 29,73946
Kuopio - Puijo Tower (restaurant on top). Fantastic 360° landscape
Jyväskylä - Nice town. Alvar Aalto Museum
Haralanharju - Panoramic tower similar to that of Yogi's rangers. Wonderful view, especially at sunset
Tampere (Camping Harmala) GPS 61,47175 23,73907)
Tampere - Newgothic Cathedral, more churches, some Museums, absolutely mentionable the Amuri Museum of Workers’ Housing.
Turku - Modern and nice town. Cathedral. If you need some shoppping do it here
Nantali (Camping Nantali) GPS 60,46190 22,02860 (Expensive, ungracious operators, no Wifi, look for another campsite)
Turku - Very nice Castle
Esppo - Emma ( https://emmamuseum.fi/en/). Address: Ahertajantie 5, Tapiola Espoo
Helsinki (Camping Ratsila) GPS 60,20660 25,12160 (Quite expensive but confortable, underground train at the exit)
Helsinki - It worths one full day at least
Helsinki - Ferry to Tallin (EST)
Tallin (Camping City) GPS 59,44790 24,80925 (it's not a campsite, just an expensive stopover area. At one mile there is a campsite.
Tallinn - We really enjoied it. One day in the lower town and one in the upper one (Toompea).
Haapsalu - Seaside town. Nice with some Kuursal (Spa) but must have known better times
Virtsu - Small ferry to Kuivastu (Saarema) (12.90€)
Kuressare (Camping Piibelehe) GPS 58,25048 22,50977 (very small campsite in the backyard of a small villa, kind owner)
Saare - Lighthouse
Road 21103 - Dirt road for 20km but nature worths passing there
Kihelkonna - Very old Church
Kuressaare - Bishops' Castle
Kuivastu - Ferry to Virtsu (12.90€)
Parnu (Camping Konse) GPS 58,3846 24,5256
Ainazi-Igaunija (Estonia to Latvia border)
Riga (Camping City) GPS 56,9564 24,07986
Jurmala - Seaside town plenty of nice villas and dachas. Not sure but somewhere an admission fee should be required. Be careful.
Kolka - Cape where sea currents form a Y, much more visible than in Skagen (DK)
Ventspils - Castle, Ortodox and Protestant churches but quite a delusion
Kuldiga - Complete delusion, Ortodox and Protestant churches closed. Rather a shabby town
Liepaja (Camping Verbenieki) GPS 56,42548 20,99929 (south of the town)
Liepaja - Very nice town
Butinge - Latvija to Lithuania border
Palanga - Seaside town - Birutes Parks and Gintaro Muzejus (amber)
Kretinga - Didn't stop here - Ferry to Nida (ticket include your return, few kms ahead a toll gate where to pay admission fee to the Park).
Nida (Camping Nidos) GPS 55,29875 20,98255
Nida - Nice small town, Parnidis (big dune), Park.
Juodkrante - Nice small town. Raganu Kalnas (hill of witches, wooden sculptures, nice)
Ferry Nida-Kretinga
Klaipeda - Didn't stop here, for itinerary purposes only
Plunge (Camping Zemsuoda) GPS 55,8765 21,7497
Rietavas - Nice small town
Tverai - Lake Lukstas
Varniai - Small village
Rainiai - Small village
Telsiai - Nice small town
Kryziu Kalnas - Hill of crosses, for somebody very touching
Siauliai - Nice town but due to an an incumbent water storm we stop just an hour and gave up
Grazina (Camping Siauliy) GPS 55,97218 23,32822
Seduva - Church and historic district with wooden houses
Tytuvenai - Monastery with baroc church and holy staircase with relics
Kaunas - Camping City GPS 54,93421 23,91813 (actually a good stopover area with all services)
Kaunas - Very nice town. Nearby the Pazsailis Monastery (T. Masiulio Gatve)
Kalvarija-Lenkija - Lithuania to Poland border
Warsaw (Camping Majawa) GPS 123 52,21488 20,96559



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Did that trip last year as route to Nordcap wildcamped all the way
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